Updated: 21/01/2020

Famous for its long coastline and a happening lifestyle, Goa is also a hot spot for various Water Sports. Ranging from a Jet Ski to Parasailing to Scuba Diving, Goa has it all. So all you aqua addicts out there, break free, let loose and immerse yourself in the ocean as the water summons.

Below is the list of all the options available for your exploration:

Jet Ski

Jet Ski Ride in Goa
Jet Ski Ride on Anjuna Beach, Goa

How does the idea of riding a bike on the ocean waves sound to you? Exciting? Well, not exactly a bike but Jet Ski offers an equally exciting and adrenaline-filled experience to satiate your souls.

  • Best time to visit: October to May
  • Best places: Baga, Anjuna beach, Candolim and Vagator
  • Cost: Starts from Rs 400/- per person

​Banana Ride

The banana boat ride is one of the jolliest rides that can be taken by both children and adults alike. The inflatable boat which is shaped like a banana can accommodate around 4-5 people at a time. Once seated, brace yourself for one of the bumpiest rides on the tides. Be sure to go bananas after the banana ride.

  • Best time to visit: October to March
  • Best places: Mobor, Agonda beach, Palolem, Calangute, Candolim and Baga
  • Cost: Starts from Rs 300/- per person


Parasailing in Goa – Photo: Goa Tours Package

Parasailing is one amazing invention by humans which lets you be a bird for a few hours, a bird with wings, not like when you’re in a plane.  You venture into the waters on a boat and in the middle of nowhere you take off on this flight of a lifetime while still attached to the boat through a harness. The experience lasts for about 10-15 min but its memories will be etched forever.

  • Best time to visit: October to March
  • Best places: Mobor, Colva, Anjuna, Baga and Vagator beach
  • Cost: Starts from Rs 400/- per person


Snorkeling takes you to this whole other world encompassed by our blue planet. You get to be guests at the fish’s home for a few hours. The rich and colorful seabed, luscious marine plants, shiny pebbles and clear waters insinuate the luxurious life led by our finned friends. Don’t know swimming? Worry not for there will always be a guide accompanying you.

  • Best time to visit: October to March
  • Best places: Grand Island, Adventure boat and party boat cruise trips
  • Cost: Starts from 1500/- per person
    Snorkeling can be experienced best on Boat tour of Grand Island, Goa

Jet lev flyer

Jet Lev Flyer in Goa, Panjim

How about being propelled into the atmosphere by jets of water and just hanging out there, looking down from above, your loved ones waving to you with wide smiles and all you wish for is for those smiles to last a lifetime. The Jet lev flyer is a new jewel in the crown for the Goan water sports business. The equipment is all German-made and sturdy so there is no need to worry.

  • Best time to visit: October to May
  • Best places: Dona Paula, Panaji
  • Cost: Starts from 3999/- per person which includes the gear as well a guide

Scuba diving

Scuba Diving at Grand Island, Goa

Scuba diving gives you the privilege of exploring the depths of the ocean and say hello to our marine counterparts who give us a very warm welcome quiet contrary to the ones extended to them by the humans. You will have guides to show you around the incredible sea with exotic fishes for a company.

  • Best time to visit: October to April
  • Best places: Netrani Island, Grande Island, Suzy wreck, St. George Island, Pigeon Island, Bat Island, Navy Island
  • Cost: Starts from Rs 3000/- per person – Check Scuba Diving Cost in Goa


Kayaking in Goa
Kayaking in Goa Backwater

Taking a leisure stroll through the gentle waters, surrounded by the tall mangroves and sloppy hills, taking glimpses of forts which once protected its people now stands alone needing protection, Kayaking in the Goa’s backwater will leave one refreshed, calm and satisfied.

  • Best time for kayaking: October to May
  • Best places: Sylvan Siridao, Aguda River, backwaters of Zuari and Mandovi River, Nerul and the Sal backwaters
  • Cost: Rs 500/- per person

Fly Boarding

Flyboarding in Goa

How would you like to turn into some Dolphin superhero for a few minutes?  With fly boarding, you get to do exactly that. With you strapped securely onto a fly board attached to a jet ski and connected to a tube, it propels you high up in the air, takes you deep down into the ocean and brings you back up again. Fly board is a must experience for all those adrenaline junkies out there.

  • Best time to do: October to May
  • Best place for flyboarding: Baina beach
  • Flyboarding Cost: Starts from Rs 3000/- per person

Whitewater Rafting

Brave the flowing Mahadayi with your army of friends through rocks and trenches with the Rafting experience in Goa.

  • Best time to visit: During the monsoon
  • Best place: Mahadayi River, Volpai River
  • Cost: Rs 1700/- per person


Wind Surfing in Goa

Best of both water and air, Windsurfing involves surfing on the sea while also enjoying the wind in your face.

  • Best time to do: January to March
  • Best places for windsurfing: Dona Paula Bay, Baga Beach
  • Wind surfing Cost: From Rs 1000/- per person

So gear up yourself to have the best time of your life doing adventures in Goa!