Bungee Jumping in Goa is real fun. Falling free in the air and breathing the rush while going down is something inexpressible in words. 

An adventure lover would love to try this feat. Literally, it’s a big treat for satisfying his/her adventure hunger. At the same time, the person approaching for Bungee jumping must have courage. The Person must be strong physically and mentally because it’s not a child’s play. Thus, this Monsoon, enlist Bungee jumping in your to-do list to meet with the real thrill of life. 

Information about the trip 

One must have to proceed towards “The Gravity Zone” to enjoy this latest adventure sports. This Gravity Zone is located near the Anjuna Beach from where the whole procedure is majorly operated. The operating duration of the Bungee Jumping starts from 9 am in the morning and ends at 5 pm in the evening. However, it takes only 1-3 minutes to experience the Bungee jumping, actually, one of the most hilarious minutes of your life. 

Everyone, including the children, the teenagers, and the adults, can go for Bungee jumping. However, individuals above the age of 18 years (or 18) must have to carry an ID and those between the age of 10-17 years must come with an elder. The eligible height for attempting this extremely sportive activity should be between 50-73 minutes. The person must have to inform if he/she has any kind of medical problem. 

Bungee Jumping in Goa – Photo: tripraja

The tourists must wear strapped floaters or sports shoes which remain stuck to the feet and light and comfortable dress. Don’t carry any precious things or bags with you as it may fall or get lost. Don’t overburden yourself with accessories like sunglasses, watches, hats, jewellery, etc. Don’t wear heels, sandals, slippers, or tight uncomfortable clothes. Always keep in mind that you are going to fall free in the air, so keep yourself free as much as you can. 

Our contributions to your journey 

We offer you different compatible and cost-effective packages that you have to choose according to your budget and other preferences. Most importantly, we ensure you to provide your safety and security. For that, we hire experienced Bungee experts who possess tip-to-toe knowledge about the STANZ (Standards of Australia and New Zealand) norms and act under the given guidelines and instructions. The trainers will also give a quick and brief guide to the tourists before starting. We never compromise in our customer’s safety and try our best to render the best services we can. 

STANZ is basically the benchmark for safety standards, especially for Bungee jumping. Under this standard, the operators and the whole associated system employ the high–quality equipment and safety gadgets made by the reputed companies of the world. 

Timing09:15 am – 05:30 pm
WEARComfortable Clothing
photos and videos Briefing

We allow both online and offline booking system. However, it will be better if you do your bookings in advance, especially during the peak time. 

In the end, trust yourself, believe in yourself and go. Jump! Don’t hesitate. It’s your life and you have the right to live it to the fullest. 

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