Dudhsagar is a magnificent and beautiful place to visit and trek. The sight of this four-streamed milky white fall is a pleasant treat to the eyes. For an adventure seeker, trekking to Dudhsagar Falls is quite an exciting trip to enjoy. However, you have to do a prior preparation and pre-plan the routes for trekking as it may be quite complicated. This is because of the various dense green forests that is capable enough to create illusions regarding the path.

The Location

Dudhsagar Falls is located amidst the natural surroundings in Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park.

About the Trip

Literally, the right time to approach for trekking purpose to Dudhsagar Falls is the Monsoons. During the monsoons, nature itself remains brimmed all over Goa. The lustrous leafy natural atmosphere, the sight of wonderful flora and fauna and the heavily gushing fall of Dudhsagar from an altitude of 310 meters are divine and enhance the charm of the Monsoon Tour. Nothing can compare with that beauty.
Various passionate tourists from different corners of India as well as the World come here for hiking. This lets them explore the inner you– your spirit! your passion! your stamina! Though the trekking is quite industrious, yet the lively green surroundings will introduce life and revive you to the core. And the presence of various railway tracks and tunnels in the path and a few small majestic waterfalls makes it more exciting and interesting.

After reaching the ninth tunnel of the Castle Rock, you can get the first glimpse of the Dudhsagar Falls. And seriously, the first view is just miraculous and outstanding. You can also try a private car to reach as jeeps are not operational during the Monsoons. However, walking barefooted hugging nature and enjoying the lovely fresh air is something incredible and invaluable.

Well! Proceeding on such a sort of adventurous trip alone is tasteless. We frequently organize group tours for tourists. Through group tours, you can enjoy various group activities like sleep on tents dancing, singing, playing antakshari, lit bonfire and get flaunt in the exquisitely excellent “Sapphire Moonlit” night. Moreover, you can do anything new that you had dreamt of, but can’t do because of the competitive race of life. You will get the chance to meet completely new people, you will breathe in a complete environment. In fact, you will jump into a new world where there are no bars, no hurdles, only you, your family and loved ones will remain there.
Think about how fantastic it will be!

Our role

We thrive our best to render all the possible services with utmost perfection and care. We offer different trekking options in different budget options to ensure the access of the tourists. Our packages are well-organised and pocket friendly. For detailed information about the different packages, refer to the official portal or you can also contact us.

We provide local and experienced guides who have the knowledge regarding each and every nook and corner of the trek path. They also possess robust information about the atmosphere, the weather conditions, any local issues and the right place to start, proceed, stop and stay.

We believe in offering quality services. Thus, we keenly emphasize in assuring the safety of the visitors. With us, you don’t have to panic about anything. We are always there with you throughout your journey and support you in each step as much as possible.
All you need to do is to connect with us and book your tour online sitting at your drawing room with just few clicks. Our contact details are given in the official website. You can apply for advance booking too. The refund and cancellation policies are easy.

Evening thrills at the trek

Your journey is truly incomplete without spending an evening near the Dudhsagar falls and purely insipid without staying inside a tent near the banks of this spectacular water body. And that too with a group of unknown, yet high-spirited positive people at a peaceful place far from the polluted and hectic life is something beyond description. One can only feel it internally.

Things to carry

  • Take a camera with you to capture the candid glimpses of nature, especially the Dudhsagar Falls.
  • Carry comfortable trekking clothes and trekking shoes and tent clothes as well. You can also take a trekking bag in which you could wrap yourself and sleep comfortably in the cold nights.
  • Carry a raincoat. Also, carry plastic to collect your litters inside it and throw the same in an appropriate place.
  • Carry a first-aid box. Also, carry your medicines (if any).
  • Take a lot of portable water to minimize fatigue.
  • Carry a considerable amount of edible snacks and savouries.
  • It is earnestly suggested to remain with your group and follow the instructions of your guide. At the same time, it is certainly advised to take dips into the Dudhsagar Falls after reaching there. This will fill you with awesome nourishment.
  • Now, what are you waiting for? Life is calling you! Make it large! Make it worth amazing! Book your trip with us, pack your kinds of stuff and everything behind. Be selfish for a while and run to lay in the lap of mother nature to cherish your inner soul. Because of you worth it!
Timing08:15 am – 05:00 pm
WEARComfortable clothing
Trek to the fallsPickup Drop from Hotel
Guided TrekSnacks


We will be providing meals, stay at the hotel, and trekking guidance along with an experienced guide on an average in almost every package. The magnitude varies with the type of package you choose.