What comes to your mind when you first see the birds flying high in the sky? Don’t you desire to have wings, so that you can also fly and experience the thrill of the vast sky? Well! that’s a bit stupid question to ask. Everyone loves freedom and want to fly like a bird, especially adventure enthusiasts.

Now, this is not a dream at all. With FlyBoarding activity in Goa, you can not only fly like a bird but also swim like a dolphin at that same time. Literally Flyboarding is the next-level adventure sport. In this activity, In this sport, there is a flyboard and the feet of the player is strapped in a fixed and tight manner with that flyboard to ensure safety. Generally, there is a pair of boots which remains firmly attached to the board and jet nozzles and hoses. The Jet-Ski infuse power into the board. 

However, these jet nozzles and hoses are attached to the Jetsky. This Jet-Ski is controlled by the throttle. And the magnitude of power is controlled by the instructors who are responsible for introducing thrust or propulsion into the flyboard. A flyboard is basically a board with a long tube and an adaptor.

Trip Details                                                                                                 

The right place to try Flyboarding in Goa is the Chapora River located in North Goa. Flyboarding is an extremely adventurous water sports which is gaining fame and interest day-by-day. Simply, it feels like we are performing any sort of Superhero type of stunts. However, the loveliest part is that you could try this outstanding feat all around the year and indulge into the best thrill of your life. The memories, experience and enjoyment that you will collect during Flyboarding will be incredible and unforgettable. 

A special thing to mention here is that anyone below 13 years of age is not eligible for Flyboarding. Also, pregnant women, people with cardiac issues (heart patients), people with any recent surgery, people with any sort of retardation, disorder or severe injuries, people with any neck or back issues and hydrophobic people are not at all allowed to try flyboarding. It is compulsory for you to carry swimwear, t-shirts, sunscreen, hats, towel, sunglasses, board shorts and so on. 

What we will do                                                                                                                                    

We will provide you the most professional and experienced instructor. He will, of course, take care of the right amount of propulsion and adjust the straps on your feet in the correct manner and perform the needful pre-arrangements and post-tasks. We will render you the necessary gears and equipment such as life jackets, helmets, etc. to ensure safety. A 5 mins explanation which includes training and instructions will be given before proceeding for flyboarding. We will also help you to get all the stuff for flyboarding on rentals. 

We also offer quality packages which include different services. Moreover, our packages are also affordable and properly organized covering the essential parameters. We also offer you the privileges of online booking or advance booking. This means you can plan your Flyboarding trip from your home sitting at your bed easily and get the arrangements pre-done from our end. And, for that you have to go to our website and fill in the relevant information. Just some clicks and your future thrills are on your way. 

Timing09:15 am – 05:00 pm
WEARComfortable Clothing
5 minute training Life Jackets

Seriously, you are still sitting at home. How can you resist yourself from going on a trip like this? This is literally not fair. Just open your arms, leave everything behind. And come to Goa in monsoon. Try flyboarding and see the world from the aerial heights as well as dive into the water too to touch the lovely inner nature and the creatures. Don’t think. You have got only one life. Make it awesome. And more importantly, don’t forget to hire a person to take photos and record those fabulous moments of life. 

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