Are you a travel freak! and you long for a thrilling break from your boring life? Well! In such case, you must try river rafting in Goa to satisfy your extreme adventure hunger. And the best time for this adventurous activity is the Monsoons. Literally, Monsoon River Rafting is an outstanding sport enjoyed in Goa with great zeal and enthusiasm. The strong and extreme current and turbulence of river water and navigation done manually through rafts are undoubtedly appealing. At the same time, the maneuvering with the oars at that inflatable raft adds flavor to the thrill. 

Goa is well known for its lively environment, high-spirited atmosphere, heart-soothing beauty, mouth-watering food, and drinks. In short, it is one of the best places to enjoy. Most of the people have a misconception that Goa remains insipid during Monsoon. Well! Let me clear this to you that Goa is an evergreen place. Though beach activities are not operational during Monsoons, various adventure sports or water games are played in the river water. 

Now, let’s discuss the lovely journey that we may proceed during the hilarious river rafting in Goa:

River rafting is generally practiced on whitewater because the high speedy currents create turbulence. And that’s why the Mhadei River is the best option here. For nearly two hours, you will get the chance to enjoy the drastically amazing moments of our life. Our trip begins at 9 am and ends at 5 pm.

There is no doubt that river rafting is horribly amazing. At the same time, it may be a bit dangerous too.  However, we will provide all the security equipment and essential gear like life-saving jackets which you have to wear throughout this adventure sport.

There are basically Class-II and Class-III level rafting. In Class-II, you experience rough waters, rocky hurdles and a bit laborious  maneuvering. On the other hand, Class-III is slightly easy with turbulent waters, and medium waves. It depends upon your preferences which one you will choose for your recreation.

You will be provided a convenient pickup and drop off facility in an Air-conditioned vehicle, Rafting at Mhadei River, essential equipment and gears required for rafting and visit to the splendid Harvalem waterfalls and Pandava Caves.

You can also book your package or tour online sitting at your home without any hassles. All you need to do is to visit our official portal and you will get a tip to toe details about the trip. You can also go for an advance booking. 

About the Venue                                                                                               

The Mhadei River is situated in Valpoi village in the Sattari District of North Goa. Mhadei River originates from the Bhimgad region in the Belagavi district of Karnataka (present in the Western Ghats). It enters Goa from the Valpoi village and drains into the ocean where the Miramar beach is present.

Factors favoring River Rafting in Mhadei                                                   

There are various factors that support river rafting in Mhadei River:

Mhadei River is a rainfed river. Thus, the river remains brimmed with active water which makes it compatible with river rafting.                         

The splashing rain droplets add charm to the whole adventure sports. Imagine, you are maneuvering in a cloudy atmosphere accompanied by rains that makes everything drastically excited. Your blood pumps rapidly and the veins become heavily active than ever before. Literally, you will be experiencing a distortion of time which will pass away hastily, but in the most unpredictable manner. OMG! Isn’t that mind-blowing.

The green lustrous condition during the Monsoons are also a reason to try a river rafting trip to Valpoi, North Goa. Additionally, it also stands as a favourable condition for trekking.

And the best part that stand robustly during these rainy days that inspire you for a lovely river rafting is the addictive “Tequila Sunrise”. Being candid, the Monsoon Sunrises are truly synonymous to a new life, a new breathe. You can easily lose your heart to its warmth and can involve in it deeply.

Rules to Follow:

  • Though it’s a family activity, yet children below the age of 12 years are not allowed. 
  • The tourist must have to carry an ID Proof.
  • Wear light clothes and also carry an extra set of clothes before approaching for the river rafting activity. Also, carry a towel. 
  • Wear sandals, crocs, floaters, rubber shoes, etc. that have a good grip. Don’t wear flip-flops or sneakers.
  • Pregnant women and heart patients are also not allowed for rafting.


Timing08:15 am – 05:00 pm
WEARComfortable clothing
Jeep SafariA/C Transport from Hotel
EquipmentShiva Temple
Ancient Pandava CavesTraining

So, what are you waiting for! You have got only one life. Make it large and awesome enough. As we say, “Time and Tide wait for none”. Thus, don’t lose your valuable time and prepare yourself to get indulged in the thrilling tides through river rafting.